By connecting to InGA, you increase the flexibility of your charging stations as a controllable load and enable DSOs to utilize them to support the grid – without having to install additional infrastructure. In return, you profit from a reduction in energy price components that you can use to lower your costs or pass on as price incentives to your customers in what is a challenging competitive environment. Your customers profit as well, because in contrast with statically programmed time switches, the likelihood of throttling is lower and so the benefit to the customer much greater.

Smart charging will become the norm

Numerous studies confirm that controllable loads in the distribution grid can make a significant contribution to slowing grid expansion. As such, the need for smart charging in order to achieve comprehensive, nationwide electromobility integration is becoming a hot political topic. This will mean changes down the road for CPOs too, should, for example, legislation mandating controllable charging infrastructure be adopted.

In this scenario, it is important that a solution not only take into consideration the requirements of the grid operators, but market and customer needs as well. In order to continue supporting the positive growth of the electromobility sector, the technical integration in particular must be affordable, customer-friendly and reliable.

Cost savings with InGA

InGA offers you the chance to positively influence EBIT by reducing grid usage fees

Being controllable loads as defined in Paragraph 14a of the German Energy Act (EnWG), charging stations connected to InGA benefit from reduced energy price components. These arise from a reduction in grid usage fees, which vary slightly on a regional basis, and the standing charge not being levied. For a charging station with an assumed utilization of 2000 kWh/a, this amounts to an average cost saving of around 150 euros per annum. You can absorb this cost saving yourself or pass it on in order to attract new customers or retain existing ones by offering even more attractive pricing.

InGA gives you the flexibility to optimize for the market, thus maximizing availability for your customers

As a future-proof, collaborative solution, InGA increases your options for removing grid operator restrictions during conditions of shortage. In contrast with alternative approaches, InGA does not set restrictions for individual charging stations in the event of grid shortages, but instead specifies a total charging capacity that must not be exceeded by the affected charging stations collectively. Because you know the charging behavior of your customers and utilization of your infrastructure best, you decide how a grid restriction is applied across your charging stations based on your data.

Check whether your backend operator is “InGA ready” certified or get certified yourself

As an infrastructure operator without your own backend, you can contact your backend operator directly and ask whether they are already “InGA ready”, or alternatively, switch to a backend operator who is already InGA certified in order to benefit from reduced operating costs. If you operate your own backend, you can become certified to participate in InGA and thus invite all the CPOs connected to your backend to participate in InGA as an extra service. Certification ensures that the interface to InGA is designed and tested so the requirements of the DSOs can be implemented.

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