The standardized, technology-agnostic solution for the intelligent management of electromobility.

InGA provides the link between distribution grid and charging infrastructure operators in successfully implementing the energy transition.

In future, the simultaneous charging of electric vehicles is likely to put enormous strain on distribution grids, thus necessitating a costly expansion of grid capacity. The situation can be alleviated by managing the order in which and time of day charging occurs, but due to the large number of distribution service operators (DSOs) and charge point operators (aggregators), doing so will require a major coordination effort and reliable infrastructure.

The Intelligent Grid Application (InGA) is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows grid-supportive management of the charging infrastructure via a standardized interface for the benefit of all parties – distribution service operators, charge point operators and end users.

InGA for Distribution Service Operators

InGA is a future-oriented solution for grid-supportive electromobility integration that helps you to manage your grids more efficiently and reduce the need to invest in grid expansion measures.

Advantages for DSOs

InGA for Charge Point Operators

Use your existing charging infrastructure and communication systems by linking to InGA and immediately profit from reduced operating costs while simultaneously increasing the benefits for your customers.

Advantages for Aggregators


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